Laser cutting:

Our company provides this service with a Microstep MSF 3001.15L fiber laser cutting machine.

Cutting thickness:

- Carbon steel: 0,5 - 15 mm

- Stainless material: 0,8 - 10 mm

- Aluminum: 0,8 - 8 mm

Waterjet cutting:

The benefit of waterjet cutting is processing without thermal change. Material can be cut with high precision in an evironmentally friendly way.

We take on cutting almost any material in plane on our 3000 x 1500 mm table with the thickness of 0,8 - 40 mm.

Applied welding technologies:

CO2, impulse welding, AWI

Sheet metal processing:

Our NC semi-automatic controlled hydraulic shear cuts 3000 mm length up to 6 mm thickness. Our NC semi-automatic controlled hydraulic sheet bending machine works on 3000 mm length with up to 100 tons of pressure.

Pipe processing:

We take on any pipe structure parts production with below equipment:

- Sawing machine: precise contact of pipes and tubes

- Profile grinder: precise contact of railings, pipe parts

- NC controlled 3 roller hydraulic profile bending machine: bending pipes and profiles

- NC controlled mandrel tube bending machine: up to2" diameter, deformationless bending

Cutting, milling:

Milling machine: 

  1. Polish made FND 25 1976
  2. Suits the processing of precision material
  3. Processing special material, like Különleges anyagok megmunkálása, cast-iron, steel, bronze, plastic
  4. Wide range of possibilities, face milling, drilling, chiselling, hole turning
  5. Table 315 x 710 mm


  1. Potisje type: US-A 225 vertex lathe
  2. Vertex distance: 2000 mm
  3. Max. diameter: 500 mm


  1. Heid German made vertex lathe
  2. Vertex distance: 2000 mm
  3. Max. diameter: 630 mm

Eccentric press: 

  1. circular press DKS-40 type
  2. Stroke magnitude 10-100 mm
  3. Press force max. 40 mp
  4. Adjustable stroke 60 mm

Shot blasting:

Cabin dimensions lined with rubber: 6000 mm x 5000 mm x 3000 mm (length x width x height).

Door size: 2400 mm x 2800 mm

Electrostatic powder coating:

For surface protection, we offer plastic based powder applied electrostatically in 60-150 µ layer thickness with burning, in any RAL color. Safe moving of parts between the cabin and the oven is provided by a conveyor line.

Oven dimensions: 6000 mm x 2400 mm x 4000 mm (length x width x height)

Door size: 1500 mm x 2000 mm (width x height)

Allowed load on conveyor line: 100 kg/m


Benefits of our workshop:

  • unique and series production
  • all in one place: planning, raw material purchase, cutting methods, bending, welding, shot blasting, powder coating, delivery
  • production of our own products and contracting (parts of agriculture machines, concreting templates)