What is waterjet cutting?

During waterjet cutting, a high speed waterjet is used as a multiple blade cutting tool. Cutting is the result of its abrasive properties. Cutting is quick and complex designs can be cut. There is no thermal change on the surface, so properties of the material will not change.

Main properties

  • 3000 x 1500 mm sheet size
  • Cutting of plastic and metal sheets of 5 - 40 mm thickness
  • Cutting with  0,1 mm tolerance
  • Cutting of glass, marble and concrete
  • 2D cutting
  • Cutting is fully automated
  • High precision cutting
  • Execution of unique drawings, samples


 In 1950 Norman Franz forest engineer experimented with an early version of waterjet for cutting trees. In 1970s Mohamed Hashish added abrasive material to the water to improve efficiency. Nowadays a wide selection of material can be precisely cut with waterjet, like glass, plexiglass, tile, brick, marble, concrete.