What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is a process, where high pressure air is mixed with particles and the part is hit by a wave of this mixture. Particles can be quartz sand, steel grain, corundum, glass pearls, nutshell. Material is chosen based on the surface of the part to be blasted.

It is useless to have the perfect coating, if corrosion works under it.

Blasting is the best way of removing rust and paint. It serves to clean cindered and corrodated surfaces and as a preparation of coating or further surface treatments. With its use, we can achieve clean metal surface, what is a perfect foundation of further surface treatment.

Shot blasting is the base for good quality surface protection (painting, galvanizing, surface preparation).

Our company takes on the cleaning of metal surfaces in our blasting hall, which has the dimensions of 5 m x 7 m.

Blasting hall door size: 3 m x 2,5 m