Electrostatic powder coating is a surface treatment mostly used on steel and aluminum parts. 

The goal of powder coating is to be durable, and resist UV and weather conditions. Opposing traditional painting, powder coating does not need solvents, so it has smaller effect to the environment. Therefore it suits environment protection regulations much better.  

Th plastic based powder is electrostatically applied on the surface in 60 - 150 µ thickness. Coating in any RAL color is made with burning on 200-220 °C. Moving parts safely between the oven and the cabin is provided by a conveyor line.

  • Dimensions of the oven: 6000 mm x 2400 mm x 4000 mm (length x width x heighth)
  • Door size: 1500 mm x 2000 mm (width x heighth) 
  • Allowed load on conveyor line: 100 kg/m 

Prices are subject to change dute to surface quality, quantity, and special needs.

Standard price 5,30 €/m² on each layer. The price includes manual cleaning. Primer and color coating count as different layers.

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